Sunday, November 15, 2009

Electric Cycles Help save Money in Your Wallet

· Electric cycles help save money in your wallet by helping you save on the high price of gasoline. They are a great alternate source of transportation.

· There are three main types of electric cycle’s electric scooters, electric bicycles, and electric mopeds. As seen on .

· Electric scooters are smaller like for kids but there is larger ones that adults can ride. You can stand on the smaller ones the bigger scooters you can stand or sit.

· Electric Bicycles can look just like regular bicycles, to looking like motor scooters or vespa type or small motor cycles and they all have optional pedals in case you want to exercise.

· Electric Mopeds are somewhat bigger and faster and some of them are quite stylish looking and can save big money on fuel cost. Some of these mopeds could go as fast as 60 Mph. Always wear a helmet.

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