Sunday, December 6, 2009

Global Warming and Electric Vehicles

· Global Warming something everybody should be concerned about, aware about, worried about. If you don’t care about the fate of our planet than carry on with your life. But if you do and I know you do then we all need to try to help the cause. We can all start by saving energy and when you save energy you save money in your wallet, it’s a win win situation.

· Electric Vehicles is a good place to start. There is more and more American and foreign hybrid cars on the market today that are great for the environment and after the initial investment you save a load of money from fuel expenses. But with today’s economy not to many Americans can afford a nice new hybrid vehicle. There are alternatives if you want to start off small.

· Electric Cycles electric bicycles are great for toughs of you that want a little exercise and the option of power assist electric motor. Electric mopeds are great for going to work and back, to the market and other errands and are very stylish looking, a great money saver. Electric scooter, come in different sizes and there is one for every member of the family, there is kid scooters to adult scooter all loads fof fun while you save money.

· There is many other means of saving energy from recycling, to changing your light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs to conserving water. But bottom line it all helps to save the planet and it saves money in your wallet.

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